About us

SH Vaishali Electronics Lab Private Limited company was founded in 2012 to provide high quality LED displays, LED billboards, signboard, advertising lights, neon signs etc. for universal application on the Indian market. Both for small medium and large enterprises.

We have significant experience in designing electronic devices. In our laboratory we are always working on developing new products and the introduction of new technologies. All this to create modern products that meet exact needs of our clients and also ensure that our devices are more sophisticated than competetive items.

We are professionals and that is our business attitude to work capably, reliably and efficiently as much as possible and bring expected benefit to our customers. Client satisfaction is our main priority. We put a lot of effort to become the best on the market in our industry.

We hope that our site provides helpful information about our products. 
If you did not find what you looked for on this website do not worry we are flexible company and we are open to discuss your individual needs, possibly we can adapt our product to your requirements. Do not hesitate and Contact us.

SH Vaishali Electronics Lab Pvt. Ltd.
Lane No. 11,
Ravindrapuri Colony
Varanasi 221005
Ph. +91 9506953220

TIN - 09781917566C