SH Vaishali team creates designs for a wide range of clients. Since 2012 we have been engaged in designing and production electronic devices for various business fields. Our team of expert engineers are ready to support any project at its any stage. Full engagement in realised tasks allows for complex project service from an idea to ready product.

Our project services are directed to the following fields:
    •    industrial automation
    •    production
    •    public signage & LED
    •    home and building automation
    •    automotive

We specialise in:
    •    PCB design
    •    products using ARM, AVR, PIC and others microcontroller
    •    LED display
    •    software for PC computer, Widnows, MAC OSX & Android

We provide professional consulting services and project analysis. Thanks to it, our clients can rely on expert advice in the following fields:
    •    redesigning of ready products
    •    cost optimalisation connected with device production
    •    choice of new technologies
    •    innovative solution implementation for ready products

We have our own production of single-layer PCB prototype.
If you are interested in development your product please contact us