Upcoming Products

We are constantly working on new products. In this section you will find the projects on whitch we are working and we will introduce into production.

CNC Breakout Board

Parallel Port Breakout Board is a advance but low cost solution CNC Breakout Boardfor small CNC machines like CNC routers and plasma cutters. Can be controlled directly from PC parallel port. This board it to use with 3 Stepper or Servo motors. The drives for steppers or servos must have impulse (step & direction) input. Only 3 connections are required for each drive: Step, Direction and GND.

Unique features:
•    All inputs and outputs are buffered and optoisolated
•    3 Relays on board with NO, NC and Com connections on screw terminal
•    USB power input for computer side
•    12V power input for output section

RGB "Mayur"

LED control system circuit for mor (pickock)  with PWM coloure.RGB LED driver 8x5 for pickock

Unique features:
•    PWM driving
•    12V safe voltage
•    very easy installation and wiring

Technical specifications:

•    resolution 8x5x3 out
•    power supply 12V/2A DC
•    out setting R5- G5- B5- com8+
•    sequence 10
•    PCB size  77 x 66mm

Board driver RGB 8x8

MODEL B14-88-c
This is a new wersion of unique controller for controlling the color RGB LED arrays. Built on this driver arrays are unique in its kind. The controller has a common output 8 and 8 for each of the three colors RGB.RGB 8x8 LED board driver This model is replaced by MODEL B14-88-e

For larger orders we can customize sequences as preference of buyer.

Unique features:
•    can drives 8x8 RGB LED
•    5V supply & 12V version

Technical specifications: